How This Musician’s Friendship With A YouTuber Grew His Fan Base

Post Malone is an odd one, especially for a rapper. His antics are considerably light, he’s a genuine guy with less than frugal habits, and by befriending a YouTube legend, H3H3’s Ethan Klein, he has tapped into a free publicity machine.

Here is how Post Malone’s friendship with Ethan Klein has boosted his fan base.

1. It opened a door to his behind-the-scenes lifestyle.

Austin Post, aka Post Malone, invites Ethan to parties, trips to Vegas, and pre-show meet and greets. The intention is pretty clearly for him to spend some quality time with his friend, but the effect is much greater. Ethan’s wife, Hila Klein, records their time together to post on YouTube.

The audience for these videos is Ethan’s mostly, which is made apparent when comparing the view count between his videos and seeing that there isn’t much of a boost. This means that Post Malone’s extravagant lifestyle, typically only noticed by his followers, is now being seen by a whole new crowd. This is a good thing, as no publicity is bad publicity.

2. He went on the H3 podcast and behaved honestly.

Ethan and Hila Klein’s podcast is typically reserved for YouTube personalities, with a few exceptions made for close friends. The best part about Post going on is that he was essentially having a conversation with a good friend. He shed a little bit of the typical interview persona and talked about what he wanted to talk about.

In the two-hour stream, Post discusses his passion of post-apocalyptic bunkers, Bud Light, and cigarettes, as well as his history with music. The whole episode exposed his off-stage antics, and again, it showed a different side of him to a whole new audience.

3. He gives back whenever he can.

Skeptics may say that Post is using H3’s popularity to boost his brand or vice versa. In reality, it’s a completely symbiotic relationship. More than that, they genuinely like each other. No one is being used.

Post Malone is infinitely generous with what he has, and that doesn’t just mean flying H3 in a private jet to Vegas and putting them up in a snazzy room. When they first hung out, Post Malone contacted one of Ethan’s longest standing subjects of parody, Moe Bradberry. Moe replied instantly, and the two devised a way to prank the other YouTuber.

Nothing really ever came of it, but it’s a perfect example of the duo pooling their resources for the sake of being goofy.

Post Malone and Ethan Klein are close friends who benefit greatly by working together. By tapping into a new market, Post Malone managed to grow his fan base. Pairing up with someone in a different field of entertainment is always beneficial for a musician.

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