How This Music Video Broke 90 Million Views

Musicians have been utilizing YouTube as a way to gain recognition for their sound. One such musical group is 30 Seconds To Mars, which has been a rather popular music band in the past decade. Their lead singer Jared Leto is also an accomplished actor, which also brings attention to his musical talent.

These are the reasons why the 30 Seconds To Mars music video for “The Kill” earned over 90 million views on YouTube.

1. 30 Seconds to Mars’s brand of music is a distinctive style of rock.

30 Seconds to Mars has been producing music since the early 2000s, and since then, they have gradually become more noticed. Their genre of music is alternative rock, and the songs they have created reflect their own musical style.

They tend to use various beats and guitar riffs in their music, which is common in most rock bands. The band consists of three members who all are able to perform on different instruments. 30 Seconds to Mars produces music that is distinctive compared to other rock bands.

Below is an example of their musical style.

2. Their music has a meaning behind it, and their vocalist is well known.

30 Seconds to Mars usually produces music that has a message that they want to relay to fans and listeners. They produce music that pertains to social and environmental issues, and they are known for their activism and charity work.

Their lead singer Jared Leto is also a famous actor, which has also brought attention to the band.

Below is an example of a message in a music video on their YouTube channel.

3. The music videos they produce are interesting and artistic.

Their music videos are entertaining because they usually fit with the music and gives it a certain mood. 30 Seconds to Mars produces music videos that are creative and different from other rock band music videos. They use their creative sides to produce videos that are appealing visually.

Below is the music video for “The Kill.”

Above are the reasons why 30 Seconds to Mars’s music video for “The Kill” received over 90 million views on YouTube. Their musical style is distinctive, and the message in their music resonates with listeners. The music videos they produce are entertaining to viewers and show their artistic skills.

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