How This Music Video Surpassed 100,000 Likes

Miike Snow is a talented musical pop band from Sweden that has produced several great hits in recent years. This YouTube channel has been growing as well, and each of the band’s music videos have millions of views.

Their song Genghis Khan is one of his most popular videos on the band’s YouTube channel, as it currently has over 16 million views. These are the reasons why the “Genghis Khan” YouTube video has over 100,000 likes.

1. The music video has an intriguing plot.

The story in the video seems to play a sort of a spy thriller, James Bond theme story. It follows a villain who has managed to capture his enemy and finally has the ability to finish him for good. The villain, however, starts to second guess himself and realizes that he actually likes having the spy around and releases him. The spy then realizes he enjoys being around the villain and joins with him.

The video is interesting and funny, as the two main actors capture the mood and feelings of the characters through dancing and facial expressions. Miike Snow’s music videos usually have some sort of plot to it and are telling a story connected with the lyrics. The videos usually have a deeper meaning beyond the lyrics.

Below is an example of one of Miike Snow’s other music videos, which features the same two actors from “Genghis Khan.”

2. The lyrics and beats are electric.

The song is very catchy and lively, as most of other Miike Snow’s work. This group has a different tone than other music, and with each song, the instruments capture the essence and mood of that video.

In “Genghis Khan,” the lyrics fit well with the story in the video, as it maintains that people have their cruel moments every now and then. In this case, it was the villain who was presenting that angle in the video. The beats were lively and had a sort of alternative feel to them. The band itself varies in their music but generally keeps to a sort of indie-pop vibe in what they produce.

Below is “Genghis Khan.”

3. The band makes use of marketing and social media.

The song is a hit, and it has been shared since its initial release. The song was initially released through Buzzfeed, and many people have caught onto it since then. “Genghis Khan,” after its release, had a music video released on YouTube. This video was complex and funny, which caused many viewers to comment and share it. Buzzfeed, being a prominent social media company, helped to promote the song significantly.

The YouTube channel for Miike Snow is still growing, and the views, likes, and comment counts are increasing still. The channel was created in 2008 and is still growing to this day to views and sharing of music videos.

Below is one of Miike Snow’s early music videos.

Miike Snow’s music video for “Genghis Khan” was a great music video, which had underlying meanings to it. There are many reasons why Miike Snow’s “Genghis Khan” has over 100,000 likes on YouTube.

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