How This Channel Created A Popular Web Series

Rooster Teeth, a popular channel on YouTube, has been making content and several online series since its conception in 2010. The channel has featured various shows, whether it is through skits, giving new content about video games, or having podcasts. This variation in content is why the channel has eight million subscribers.

One particular online series that has generated the most popularity for them has been the acclaimed show RWBY. These are the reasons why RWBY has become one of the most popular web series of all time.

1. RWBY features detailed content and art.

The video series is different than other series because it was animated entirely by the creative staff on Rooster Teeth in collaboration with Monty Oum. Monty Oum is famous for creating works such as the Dead Fantasy series. This series is made on MMD maker and features anime style drawings with great animation, especially during action sequences.

RWBY also has creative environments and great music to fit sequences in the show. This gives it depth and a particular mood during scenes, which captures viewers’ attention. Oum sadly died on February 2015, the show has continued and progressed, however.

Below is an example of Oum’s previous work on Dead Fantasy

2. There’s great voice acting and intro/outros.

The series features voice actors from Rooster Teeth such as Lindsay Jones, who voices the title character, Ruby Rose. The voice actors have managed to capture the character’s personas in their moods and tone.

The voices of the characters have captured the mood of the scenes in the series. The show also features catchy openings and endings, which gives it that authentic anime show feel when watching it.

3. The creators focus on character development and story.

The story has kept viewers engaged because it features multiple characters and their backstories, which gives them their reasons for their actions or motives. The story often goes into point-of-view perspective, which helps the audience get a feel for a character and gives the story substance. This is important because an audience will feel attached to a character based on their perspectives.

The story is set in a fictional world of Remnant, where conflicts arise and different characters face obstacles in their journey. It is an adventure story packed with action which captures the attention of the audience. The characters train in the story to become Hunters and Huntresses to stop the creatures that come from Grimm.

These are the various reasons why RWBY is an acclaimed web series and has gained a large fanbase. Rooster Teeth’s innovation and creativity have been evolving with the series, and it is the reason why it has become so successful. The story itself is great and the characters keep progressing which is important in any show or series.

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