How This Music Video Reached 58 Million+ Views In Just A Couple Of Months

The very talented singer Lana Del Rey recently dropped a music video for her song “Lust for Life” featuring The Weeknd. The song is named after her studio album Lust For Life that dropped July 21 of this year. With two Brit awards, an EMA, a Trailblazer award, and a Grammy nomination, she is slowly rising to the top.

This is how Lana’s video became a hit.

1. She collaborated with The Weeknd.

A while back, The Weeknd did a collab with Lana for his song “Prisoner,” and yet again he featured her in his most recent album, Starboy. So it was no surprise when Lana dropped “Lust for Life” with him.

The Weeknd has also become a very popular musician, winning a number of awards. With two great musicians in one track, you can expect great things.

2. The music video is appealing.

The music video has a very retro style to it because the video is not super clear like other videos that are high in quality. It almost feels like you’re watching a show from a vintage TV.

3. She has amazing vocals.

Lana Del Rey, like many other artists, has a beautiful voice with very strong vocals. Her unique vocals make her style of music very recognizable.

“Lust For Life” became a very successful music video since the moment it dropped. The duo worked very hard to bring out their vocals in the song, making it a hit. The retro style Lana incorporates has caught many of her viewers’ attention, which probably will continue.

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