How This Makeup Review Reached 1.4 million Views In 5 Days

British beauty guru Patricia Bright has begun her journey into the YouTube world with now more than 1.4 million subscribers to her channel. Her YouTube channel features all sorts of video ranging from makeup reviews, hauls, life hacks, and more.

Recently, singer Rihanna dropped her makeup line Fenty, and many YouTubers like Patricia took the opportunity to review the product.

Here’s how her video became successful.

1. She reviewed a very popular product.

The best way to gain subscribers right away is by reviewing a very popular item that just dropped.

Rihanna dropped the makeup line Fenty on September 8, and Patricia released her review video the following day. By doing this, she’s going to have all sorts of people clicking on her video since it’s one of the first ones out there.

2. She’s very jolly.

Patricia Bright has one of those personalities that just make you smile because it’s so contagious. Most of her videos start off with her being silly, but she shows how she really is. People like genuine, not fake and rehearsed.

3. She is honest.

Her reviews are honest, whether the product is good or bad. In this video, she points everything you should know about the product, and she also points out what the product could have done better.

Getting people to watch your videos means you also have to time when to drop your videos because it can make a difference. Patricia’s video became successful because she reviewed a popular product and dropped a video right away.

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