How This Music Video Got 800,000+ Views In 2 Days

Fall Out Boy is gearing up for its album release in January. For now, the band is out promoting its latest single, “The Last Of The Real Ones,” which dropped September 13th with a rather unique music video.

Here’s how Fall Out Boy’s latest music video got more than 800,000 views in two days.

1. The video featured recurring characters from the upcoming album’s promotional material.

The band’s upcoming album Mania is branded with the color purple and two troublesome llama suits. The llamas made another appearance in the music video, once again causing problems for the band members. The novelty of the llamas made fans more interested in the music video than a simple, staged performance would have.

2. This new single wasn’t too spaced out from their previous one.

Fall Out Boy’s previous music video, “Champion,” only came out a month before “The Last Of The Real Ones.” Keeping new releases close together helps the band maintain listeners’ interest, especially because the new album doesn’t come out for several more months.

3. The band announced the new release on its official Twitter.

All four members of Fall Out Boy have their own social media accounts, but any new music news comes from the band’s official Twitter account. This makes sure that the announcement has a bigger reach, and music journalists could find it more easily as well.

Fall Out Boy’s latest music video got hundreds of thousands of views in just a few days because of its novelty and timing.

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