How This Music Video Got 60 Million Views In 3 Months

British girl group Little Mix is taking the music world by storm with their latest album, Glory Days. The girls have released one fire single after another, and their Nashville-inspired “No More Sad Songs” was no exception.

Here’s how the video for “No More Sad Songs” by Little Mix got more than sixty million views in three months.

1. The video contrasted the band’s typical image.

The four members of Little Mix have drastically different styles, but as a band, they tend to lean towards bright colors and lots of sparkles. However, for “No More Sad Songs,” the girls traded in their glitter bodysuits for cowgirl boots. The music video juxtaposed the heartbreak that’s stereotypical of country music with the actuality of getting over a bad relationship.

“No More Sad Songs” was a complete 360 aesthetically from “Touch.”

2. They added a new collaborated exclusively for the video.

The studio version of “No More Sad Songs” that appeared on Glory Days didn’t feature any vocalists outside of the group. However, for the music video version, Machine Gun Kelly joined forces with Little Mix for an awesome new verse.

Machine Gun Kelly starred alongside the girls in the official music video.

3. The group put out another music video soon after.

About two months after “No More Sad Songs” came out, Little Mix dropped a video for their summer single “Power.” Because “Power” got more media attention than “No More Sad Songs” did, new listeners checked out the band’s previous music videos after watching their newest one.

The “Power” music video did a lot to boost Little Mix’s popularity.

Little Mix’s music video for “No More Sad Songs” got a lot of attention by contrasting the group’s previous work. By continuing to release music videos frequently, they boost the views of their past work as well.

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