How Justin Bieber Is Topping Charts As A Featured Artist

Justin Bieber’s name currently sits in two of the five top slots of the Billboard Hot 100. However, this certainly isn’t a feat that Bieber accomplished on his own. Both “Despacito” and “I’m The One” are wildly successful collaborations.

Here’s how Justin Bieber is topping the charts as a featured artist.

1. He’s branching out into new music markets.

This blonde Canadian singer certainly isn’t a familiar face in the Latin music scene. However, Luis Fonsi, the main musician on “Despacito,” certainly is. When Fonsi re-released “Despacito,” he used Bieber to reach a more mainstream listening market.

The benefits of the collaboration went both ways. Bieber caught the attention of many new fans worldwide, and he also made his Spanish-speaking fans extremely happy.

2. He’s combining his star power with other major musicians to create inevitable hits.

Many singers, such as Bieber, can make a single successful solely because of their names. However, when more than one popular musician puts his name on something, that successful single can become a major hit. That’s what happened when Bieber lent his vocals to DJ Khaled for “I’m The One.”

Along with Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne, Bieber and DJ Khaled have been sitting at the top of the charts for weeks.

3. He knows that a collaboration doesn’t have to be musical to make a song successful.

Not all successful collaborations require vocals from both parties. Bieber’s “Love Yourself” wouldn’t have become such a major hit without Ed Sheeran’s lyrics. His stint with Calvin Klein helped sell underwear as well as albums.

David Guetta and Justin Bieber teamed up with the Victoria’s Secret Angels to turn “2U” into a hit with this video.

Justin Bieber hasn’t put out a song of his own in a while, but he’s certainly making headlines as a featured artist. By branching into new markets and doing all kinds of collaborations, Bieber is taking his career in a new direction.

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