What Makes Bruno Mars Successful

When it comes to modern music, Bruno Mars is timeless. His beats are a throwback to better times, but his lyrics move his listeners forward.

Here’s what makes singer Bruno Mars successful.

1. He chose a stage name that sticks out.

There are countless musicians out there with names like John or Bill. Though he was born Peter Gene Hernandez, Bruno Mars decided to perform under a more unique and eye-catching name. Now, whenever a music fan hears the name Bruno, he or she automatically thinks of Mars.

2. His music has a retro feel that makes it timeless.

Mars’s music is reminiscent of Prince or Michael Jackson. The throwback-inspired beats behind his hit tracks make his music stand out from everything else on the radio. Future listeners will be able to enjoy Bruno Mars as one of the greats.

3. Above all else, he’s a performer.

Bruno Mars is nothing if not a showman. He knows how to captivate a crowd and keep them on their feet. It’s these kinds of performances that make an artist legendary.

Bruno Mars has created a music career that lives up to the ostentatious name he chose for himself. Follow in his footsteps down your own path to music stardom.

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