How This Channel Gained More Than 3 Million Subscribers

Many YouTube creators have been creating content that’s focused on social commentary and criticism. Channels and creators such as Philip DeFranco focus on this type of content by commentating and talking about recent trends or news.

One such channel that’s very popular for this type of content is H3H3 Productions, which has risen in popularity in recent years. It is a channel featuring a married couple, Ethan and Hila.

These are the reasons why H3H3 Productions has gained over three million subscribers on YouTube.

1. They create a diverse range of content.

H3H3 Productions is an entertaining channel which features reviews of other videos and creators and produces commentary based on this. H3H3 has a diverse variation in video content compared to other channels, which exclusively focus on reporting and giving commentary on videos or social issues. Instead, H3H3 produces content that is humorous and also informative and relatable to the viewers..

Below is an example of H3H3 Productions and their humorous content.

2. The creators let their personalities stand out.

What makes this YouTube channel unique is that both of the creators in this channel, Ethan and Hila, have distinctive personalities. Both of them have made it popular with their own reaction and opinions to social media and recent trends. They have contrasting views, but they also make their videos entertaining as they add to each others comedy and reactions.

Below is an example of their magnetic collaboration.

3. Reviewing other videos is a popular video trend.

Their most popular videos on YouTube often deal with them giving commentary on trends on social media. H3H3 utilize their own humor to add to their commentary and reviews, which gives a more authentic feel to their videos. The channel is popular due to their format and the way they present their views on their video.

Below is an example of this.

4. They make collabs with other content creators and celebrities.

H3H3 Production,s in addition to producing their own content, often works with other individuals for collabs. These collab videos that they produce often feature comedic acts. These videos are often popular whenever they are uploaded, as they show H3H3’s creativity along with another individual.

Below is an example of this.

These are the various reasons why H3H3 Productions has gained over three million subscribers in recent years and is rising in popularity on YouTube. Their content, creativity, and personality make the videos entertaining for viewers.

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