How This Music Video Gained 5+ Million Views In Just One Week

Popular musician Kygo is back with another eye-catching music video. The song “Stargazing” is part of his Stargazing EP, which dropped on September 21. The music video, which was released to the world on September 26, has moved his viewers’ hearts.

Here’s why this song has become such a hit.

1. The music video has a powerful story.

Kygo’s creativity never fails to make an impression. The music video tells the sad story of a young boy whose father has passed away. The father leaves a message behind for his son, saying “You can always find me in the stars,” which is why the boy builds a rocketship.

2. He collabed with Justin Jesso.

With vocals like Justin’s, you wouldn’t want to skip out on an opportunity to collaborate. Kygo’s decision to add Justin to the song was probably the best decision he made.

Here’s a sample of just how strong Justin’s voice is.

3. The lyrics have a deep meaning.

A song can either be great or terrible depending on many things, one of them being lyrics. In this song, Kygo’s lyrics take you to a deep level of emotions. The lyrics talk about not giving up, love, and heaven. The stars are a symbol of hope.

These are just a couple of reasons why Kygo’s music video has touched many people’s hearts. With such a powerful story, lyrics, and vocals, it is no surprise why this song has become very popular in such a short period.

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