How This BuzzFeed Channel Gets Millions Of Views

YouTube has become an influential platform for beauty industry professionals. People want to create the best and the most popular content. Ladylike is a YouTube channel made up of women working at BuzzFeed. They like to release videos with trending topics.

Here is how Ladylike gets millions of views.

1. They support women’s empowerment.

Ladylike creates videos for people to learn that women’s empowerment is important and that they deserve equal rights. Their main goal is to teach about women’s empowerment in a fun way and for people to adapt it.

Talking about important topics that you believe in on your channel can be a good way to inform hundreds of people about it. People are interested in what you have to say, so create videos with topics expressed in your own way.

2. They keep up with the trends.

YouTube shares its top trending topics on the home page. Those trending topics can be incorporated in your videos, and that can help you get more views.

Ladylike uses the trending topics to create their own content. They keep their same image, but they add the trends into the videos to make them more interesting. The trends are a good way to attract more views.

3. Ladylike shares diversity in its videos.

The women who participate in the videos are women of different ethnicities. They share their different beliefs and ideas. Showing that you believe in diversity can be a good way to attract all kinds of viewers.

The ladies of Ladylike show viewers that they accept everyone and that they do not discriminate.

Even though YouTube can be competitive, Ladylike has its own unique content that attracts many viewers. They want women to feel empowered by watching their content. Create content that you are passionate about, and others will be inspired by your commitment

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Erika Mendoza is a student, and she enjoys spending her time on YouTube as well as hanging out with friends.

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