Why This Comedian Is Close To Reaching 2 Million YouTube Subscribers

Many actors and comedians use their social media platforms as a means to showcase their talents. Anwar Jibawi is one of them. Anwar began his career on the Vine app before moving on to YouTube. Since July 26, 2016, he has gained over 1.8+ million subscribers. So how did he do it?

Let’s take a look.

1. He does funny short stories.

Many comedians enjoy doing pranks while others focus on skits or stories. Anwar’s channel is based on funny short stories that range on all sorts of topics. The best part about his videos is that they are entertaining, but he keeps them short so that the viewers don’t get bored.

2. He collabs with famous YouTubers.

If you’ve ever heard of Marcus Johns, Mister V, or Kingbach, then you probably know that these are very popular comedians. Anwar has collabed with these comedians on many of his videos.

Collaborations are important because they change things up from your typical videos. It’s also fun when you see other YouTubers come together because it adds more personality to the videos.

3. He cameoed in a movie.

Anwar had a role in the popular movie The Keys of Christmas, which featured celebrities like Fifth Harmony, DJ Khaled, Bebe Rexha, and Mariah Carey. His funny personality ended up getting him a role in a movie, which is very astonishing.

Anwar’s YouTube channel has become a center for entertainment. His short stories and collaborations gained him close to two million YouTube subscribers. As a comedian, he is sure to keep gaining more success with time.

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Yocelyn Mendoza is majoring in communications and double minoring in graphic design and Spanish. She enjoys drawing, discovering new music and going on hikes.

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