Videos Every Vlogger Can Make

A lot of video ideas depend on the time of the year and how much time you have to film. However, there are a few evergreen ideas that work for any YouTuber. Here are just a few.

1. Opening fan mail

There’s really no more entertaining way to involve your subscribers in your videos by opening up letters and packages that they send you in front of the camera. A few months before you plan to film such a video, open up a P.O. Box and put the address in your video descriptions. Be sure to tell your viewers about it!

The Gabbie Show gets a lot of interesting mail in this video.

2. Haul video

Most people go shopping at some point in their lives. By creating a “haul video” of what you picked up on your last trip to a clothing or beauty store, you’ll attract viewers who have a style similar to your own. Your current subscribers will also love knowing where you get the outfits you where in your videos.

A haul video doesn’t have to be serious. Lucas Cruikshank did his own quirky version with Hot Topic.

3. Inventing your own challenge

Every few months, a new video challenge circulates through the YouTube community. It seems as if everyone is either applying a hundred layers of something or cutting things with a thousand degree knife. However, by creating your own challenge, you could be the one to start the next video trend.

Jenna Marbles created this unique makeup challenge.

Next time you’re stuck for a video idea, try one of these. You can even make several of the same kind over the span of a few months.

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