How To Market Your YouTube Videos

Successful YouTubers have to be business savvy. Making popular videos requires a strong marketing plan.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Design merchandise that’s specific to your channel.

Storytime vlogger Tana Mongeau designed merchandise for her subscribers. However, instead of just slapping her face and her name on a t-shirt, she designed hoodies and shirts with catchphrases her subscribers loved.

Designing channel-specific merchandise, such as Tana’s pink “Bleach & Tone” hoodie, is a great way to get subscribers to spread the word about your channel


2. Reach out to potential sponsors.

Lisa Schwartz loves to test out weird and wacky products, such as the Wine Rack. When she finds one she likes, she encourages her viewers to share the video with the company on Twitter in hopes of getting a sponsorship or brand deal.

When you find a product or company you love, reach out to their marketing department. Offer them native advertisement on your channel in return for a sponsorship or giveaway items for your subscribers.

3. Collaborate with content creators who have more subscribers.

Gabbie Hanna has 3.5 million subscribers to Shane Dawson’s 8.9 million. Together, they got this video on Gabbie’s channel to more than nine million views.

Collaborating with bigger content creators is a great way get exposure for your channel. Network with other content creators at events like VidCon or reach out to them through their business emails.

A strong marketing strategy will get you more views and more sponsorships. Start with these tips to begin your video promotional plan.

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