How These YouTubers Promote Their Other Businesses Through YouTube

Content creators are entrepreneurial by nature. It’s common for a YouTuber to have some product or side-gig. YouTube just happens to be the perfect place to promote these hustles.

Here’s how YouTubers use their channels to promote their other work.

1. They cater to their own audiences.

YouTuber fan bases revolve around the interest of the YouTuber. If a creator has a side hustle, chances are it’s already related to what their channel is about.

Take Billy Perry, for instance. His channel is all about BMX riding in New York. On the side, he has a clothing label catered towards BMX riders, and he even sells bike lights. Every episode of his vlog, he wears his own gear. He even makes special announcements on his channel when he’s about to release a new line of clothing.

2. They tie their brand into their channel’s name.

Vsauce makes boxes that they send out to premium subscribers. The boxes have the Vsauce logo and include goodies that are interesting to their normal audience.

By branding their goods with the same label as their channel, they let viewers know that the product was designed specifically for them. It’s an easy move that’s worth making because it grabs viewers’ attention.

3. When they aren’t selling products, they showcase their talents.

Austin Augie makes daily vlogs about his life in Brooklyn. While he wears many hats, he frequently mentions that he is an actor and model.

By doing so, he is essentially promoting himself for what he does on the side. Every video is like an advertisement for his acting career.

Whether selling a product or a service, YouTube is a great way to advertise. If a content creator already has an audience, a little shilling is expected and encouraged.

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