How This Unique YouTuber Gets Millions Of Views

Simply Nailogical is a YouTuber who creates content that is all about nails. She likes to inform people about nail art and the possible designs that you can create. She also creates challenges and collaborations with other YouTubers.

Here is how Simply Nailogical gets millions of views.

1. She dedicates her content to nail art.

Her channel’s main topic is nails. She takes about nails in every one of her videos. She gave her channel an image, and she goes by it every time she posts.

Creating an image for your channel can be a good idea because people can start to recognize your videos. It’s a good way for viewers to differentiate your channel from others.

2. She does collaborations with other YouTubers.

She likes to create content with other YouTubers because it makes her videos more interactive. She likes to show her viewers that other people are interested on her content, too.

Collaborating with other YouTubers can be a good way to promote your videos to other fanbases. The more people see you, the more they will know about you.

3. She creates challenge videos.

She likes to create videos that involve a type of challenge. It keeps her viewers engaged in the video.

Challenge videos have a trending topic every couple of months. Viewers like to see those videos, and many YouTubers like to do the challenges. You can create challenge videos but still keep your image.

Simply Nailogical likes to create content that sticks with her nail expertise. She likes to make the videos fun and vibrant. You can create a channel and talk about a topic that you really enjoy. There will be other people that also like it. Share your thoughts and reviews on your favorite topics.

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