How This Artist Earned 13 Million Subscribers

Established musicians and artists have always sought to increase the attention on their work. One way that they have been doing so is through social media and, in particular, YouTube. One music artist who uses YouTube for this reason is David Guetta, who has been a regular in the EDM music scene.

Below are the reasons why David Guetta’s YouTube channel earned over thirteen million subscribers.

1. David Guetta has been producing music for quite a while now.

David Guetta initially was producing music in the EDM genre, but he has transitioned to mainstream music. He has produced music that has reached the top of the Billboard charts, and his music is recognizable across the world.

Below is an example of David Guetta’s music.

2. His collabs and transition to the mainstream have made his music recognizable to the general public.

David Guetta has been producing music that has transitioned to various genres, which include pop and even hip-hop music. He also has collaborated with other musicians who are famous themselves, which has gained him a significant following.

Below is a collab he did with Justin Bieber.

3. David Guetta’s music videos are energetic.

The music videos he produces are usually positive and are energetic, which is perfect for hyping up crowds of people. David Guetta’s music videos show his dedication to his music and the artistic portrayal of it.

Below is a music video of David Guetta’s.

Above are the reasons why David Guetta has earned more than thirteen million subscribers on his YouTube channel. David Guetta has become a household name in the music production scene, and his collabs have helped him transition to mainstream music. The music videos he produces are very energetic.

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