3 Steps To The Perfect Video Thumbnail

Creating a popular YouTube channel starts with attracting viewers, and attracting viewers starts with a fantastic video thumbnail. The perfect thumbnail is expressive, colorful, and simple.

Here’s how to create the perfect video thumbnail in just three steps.

1. Take a picture while you’re filming.

During a particularly dramatic part of your video, pause for a few seconds to capture your most expressive face as a still image. Though you’re not stopping to actually take a picture, your future video editing self will thank you for making it easy to capture a great thumbnail image as a screencap.

This video is a bit ridiculous, but Shane Dawson demonstrates the art of capturing a thumbnail picture perfectly.

2. Keep the layout simple.

On the viewer’s screen, a video thumbnail is no more than a few square centimeters big, so there’s no real need to make a fancy, intricate thumbnail design. Keep your layout simple. Use bold outlines and big blocks of color.

This silly video shows a lot of great video thumbnails from different creators.

3. Make your headlines clear and concise.

An attractive video thumbnail should tell the viewer what the video is about without making him or her read the video’s title. Use short phrases to emphasize what your video is about. Make sure that they’re easy to understand, but don’t give away all of your secrets!

Here are the best fonts to use for your headlines.

Creating the perfect video thumbnail is key to attracting new viewers to your channel. Keep it simple, colorful, and expressive, and viewers will be flocking to your videos in no time.

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