3 Music Video Ideas For Every Aspiring Artist

Music videos are by far one of the best ways to share your sound with your audience. Not only do they get to hear a great song, but they can be pulled in by an entertaining, quirky, or breathtaking video.

Here are three music video ideas that any aspiring artist can use.

1. Incorporating home movies give the video a personal touch.

Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” music video did more than capture an audience. The video chronicles Ed’s musical journey from the time he was a little red-headed baby in a bassinet to the moment he began playing sold-out shows for thousands. More than 370 million viewers have now watched Ed grow up.

2. Telling a complicated story keeps viewers pressing replay.

When Selena Gomez’s “Bad Liar” video came out, many viewers had a hard time figuring out exactly what Selena was trying to say. In the video, Selena plays four different characters who are embroiled in some sort of family drama/love triangle. The video launched a new era of Selena’s music, which incorporates a laid-back, seventies-inspired sound.

3. Explore some local scenery to give your video a unique look.

In her “Praying” music video, Kesha climbs to the top of Salvation Mountain in the Colorado Desert. The unique destination, which is relatively close to her Southern California home, gives the video an ethereal, hopeful vibe. The setting is what establishes the tone of the video in its entirety.

Not all music videos have to clip together live performances or serve as a reenactment of the events the inspired the lyrics. Next time you’re about to film a music video, try one of these ideas on for size.

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