How This YouTuber Found Success From His Very First Video

Kaptain Kristian is a pop culture analyst on YouTube who has found success with every single upload on his channel. This consistency is pretty rare on YouTube, and it’s certainly no coincidence in this case.

Here’s why Kaptain Kristian has been so successful so far.

1. His subject matter is highly targeted.

Kaptain Kristian’s videos follow one theme: success in pop culture. He analyzes topics like Adult Swim and Wonder Woman and why they are, or aren’t, successful. The topics he chooses always target the same demographic, but he always goes a little more niche.

He attracts an audience made up of anyone who watched TV or read comics from the 90s to now, and he doesn’t stray too far from that theme. Because his videos are highly targeted, they fit right in on the front page of Reddit, where this same audience lurks for new content.

2. His editing is impeccable.

High production value is always the mark of an effortful video, and Kaptain Kristian has it in spades. His videos are eye-catchingly animated and flow from image to image.

He never shows his face or any live-action shots, instead composing the videos entirely of the subject matter at hand. Everything on screen is directly related to whatever it is he is analyzing, and it stays engaging thanks to superb editing skills.

3. He follows the same motif in every video.

Each video starts with an introduction to the subject for anyone unfamiliar. He then ties the subject to historical events, people involved, and any other justification for its success or failure. The videos always close with a conclusion about the importance of the work and where it stands in the present and near future.

The theme music stays consistent. The credits are always the same. It really has the feel of a series, which makes all the difference when trying to keep a loyal audience happy.

Kaptain Kristian has been following the same methods since his first video. From his editing to his subject matter, every decision he makes is intentional and has led to his success.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s reliving the 90s through TV.

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