How This Family Gained 2.7 Million YouTube Subscribers

Catherine and Austin, who go by the name “The Ace Family,” vlog daily about their lives, which includes a lot of prank videos. They have managed to get 2.7 million subscribers in just one year. How did they manage to do this?

Let’s take a look.

1. They’re famous for their crazy prank videos.

Everyone enjoys watching pranks every now and then because they entertain you for a moment. Catherine and Austin are known for doing some of the funniest and craziest pranks.

This is one of the most famous pranks on their channel.

2. They include their daughter in the videos.

Changing things up in your videos can help keep the channel alive. The couple has videos dedicated just for their daughter Elle. The little girl is so adorable that it’s hard not to watch.

3. They make fun challenges.

A challenge is always fun, whether it’s between the YouTubers or with the audience. Some YouTubers like doing challenges that engage with their fans, or sometimes they will just stick to doing challenges with other people.

In this video, they bring Austin’s dad to play.

In just one year, the Ace family has become pretty famous in the YouTube world. They were able to do this because they like doing prank videos, releasing fresh content, and making fun videos for their viewers to watch.

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