How This Music Video Reached 457K+ Views In Just One Hour

This year has been a huge breakout for Latin music, as many saw with “Despacito,” which became one of the biggest songs this summer. Right behind this hit, J Balvin and Willy Williams dropped “Mi Gente,” which has snagged 890 million YouTube views. If you thought that’s crazy, wait until you hear the new remix which features the one and only Beyonce.

So, how does a song get 457K+ views in just one hour? Let’s take a look.

1. The music video is dedicated to the fans.

The fun part about music videos is when the fans actually get to be a part of it. J Balvin took fan-made clips to create the music video. Not only that, but celebrities like Neymar Jr, Anitta, Cristiano Ronaldo, YouTubers, deejays, and more also took part in it.

2. Beyonce is on the track.

Yes, Beyonce just slew this remix with J Balvin and Willy Williams! Her Spanish speaking skills came through in this song to show her talents. Now that’s something you don’t hear very often!

Beyonce said on her website that she will be donating the proceeds from this song to hurricane and earthquake relief charities for Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other affected Caribbean islands.

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3. The lyrics have a deeper meaning.

Lyrics are what makes and defines a song. Many artists like to tell stories, while others just sing about their feelings. In this song, Balvin focuses on breaking barriers.

In an interview with E News, he said, “ ‘Mi Gente’ is a song that embodies a special moment in music, a new sound of a Latino culture on the rise and being embraced globally. By erasing barriers of races, colors, continents, genres, or languages, we can achieve the whole world moving their head to the same beat.”

“Mi Gente” has become a hit sensation, and now with Beyonce on the track, this might just be the next “Despacito.” By adding his fans to the music video, featuring Beyonce, and adding meaning to the lyrics, J Balvin is on his way to the top.

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