How This Latina YouTuber Gets Thousands Of Views On Every Video

Erika Angel is a Latina YouTuber who enjoys creating entertaining videos about beauty products. She likes to make her fanbase feel like family. She also enjoys creating content with a hint of comedy in it. She enjoys being herself and connecting with her fans.

Here is how Erika Angel receives thousands of views.

1. She creates beauty videos.

Makeup reviews are a popular search that many people enjoy watching. Erika likes to create tutorials of makeup looks that she likes.

You can create makeup reviews of products you enjoy using. Many people like to know how a product works before they buy it.

Erika helps her fans know what product is worth buying.

2. Erika likes to post vlogs about her daily life.

She likes to record the vacations that she takes with her family and friends. This is a way to show your fans that you also have a life aside from YouTube. She likes to show her viewers what she does in her spare time because it creates a connection.

Show your viewers what you enjoy doing because it can help them relate to you.

3. She never tries to be anything other than herself.

Erika enjoys being herself in the videos she posts because it makes the videos more personal.

Creating content that shows your personality can be a good way to show your viewers who you really are. It helps create a more natural environment than having a scripted personality.

Erika Angel is an energetic YouTuber who likes to post videos that she enjoys making and that people can relate to. Her videos have a sense of humor in them because that is how her personality. Creating videos should be something that you enjoy doing and that you would like for people to watch.

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Erika Mendoza is a student, and she enjoys spending her time on YouTube as well as hanging out with friends.

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