4 Videos Your Viewers Can’t Wait To See

There are all kinds of different videos that you could make. However, there are a select few that many viewers can never get enough of. These are the kinds of videos that viewers want to see from every creator they follow.

Here are four videos that your viewers can’t wait to see.

1. Do a house tour.

Viewers love to see where their favorite vloggers spend most of their time. Film a quick tour of your house or apartment. You can share memories from your favorite rooms or show off your favorite decorations.

2. Introduce your audience to your significant other.

Viewers are also very interested in your love life. If you have someone special in your life, why not introduce him or her to your audience? Even if your significant other doesn’t want to be on camera, you could share a little bit about how you met or your favorite things about that person in a special video.

If you aren’t dating one, you could always make a video with your best friend, sibling, or pet instead!

3. Share your beauty routine.

Beauty videos are a huge part of the YouTube community. However, you don’t have to be an expert to make your own beauty video. Share your morning routine with your viewers, no matter how simple it may be. They’ll appreciate your advice.

You can take a more comedic angle with this video, too.

4. Sing!

Plenty of vloggers have tried their hands at music careers. Eventually, your subscribers are probably going to start wondering if you can sing, too. Even if you don’t count singing among your talents, you can try impressions or share your favorite songs.

These videos are popular because so many viewers love to see them. Use one or more of these ideas to spice up your regular content with something your subscribers will go crazy for.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.

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