How This Creator’s Channel Turned Her Obscure Hobby Into A Career

Bernadette Banner reconstructs and interprets historical dresses full-time. The New York City native is passionate about Victorian fashion, and her successful YouTube channel enables her to share that with the world.

Here’s how Bernadette Banner’s channel turned her obscure hobby into a career.

Her channel had a specific focus from the get-go.

When she was only seventeen, Bernadette began working as design assistant for Broadway shows. Soon after, she earned her BFA from NYU Tisch. While earning her degree, she discovered the School of Historical Dress, where she fell in love with historical fashion.

After she graduated, Bernadette spent time in London with the School of Historical Dress. There, she worked on the posthumous publication of Jane Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 5. Once the project was complete, she continued to pursue her passion for historical dress by starting a YouTube channel.

Bernadette uploaded her first video in April 2018. The video focused on the reconstruction of a historical garment, which properly introduced viewers to the channel. Moving forward, Bernadette became a pillar of the historical costuming community.

Viewers can keep up with her projects in real time via Instagram.

Bernadette’s YouTube videos document the entire process of each new project. She works with authentic historical tools and techniques, so projects can take hundreds of hours to complete. However, because her work is so detailed, uploads are not as frequent as some viewers are used to on other channels.

She does not leave her audience lacking content, though. Fans can keep up with Bernadette’s projects in real time by following her on Instagram. She shares updates from both her projects and her personal life. Those who are interested in her research process can also keep up with her via Goodreads.


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The difference the right materials make in the quality of historical reconstructions is always astounding! Experimenting with featherbone was something I was excited—and absolutely terrified—to try for this reconstruction of a 1902 Symington bust bodice. Following the patent to the best of my ability (with no small amount of necessary interpretation), I *think* I managed it, and am extremely pleased with the result! The featherbone holds that essential rounded Edwardian shape whilst being flexible enough to work with and stitch through. More detail on this process to come in the process video, slated for April; and now to add the other two bones! Day 4: Difference #modernlessmarch #featherbone #bustbodice #edwardian @leicestershire_collections

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She offers services as a research consultant.

It’s obvious to any viewer that Bernadette is an expert in historical dress reconstruction. Her knowledge is specific and detailed, and she also has a lot of practical experience. Therefore, lots of people reach out to her with questions concerning their own projects.

Bernadette offers services as a research consultant for things like sewing projects and studies. Her business email is posted on her website as well as her channel’s about section. Bernadette already undertakes a lot of research for her own projects. She shares both her process and her findings in her videos, such as the one below.

Bernadette Banner uses her YouTube channel to share her work with the world. Creating niche content enabled her to build an engaged and supportive audience.

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