Do These 3 Things To Make Sponsors Love You

Sponsorships are a two-way street. Both you and the brand you’re working with benefit, whether that’s through earning money or gaining exposure. The more the company benefits from working with you, the more likely they are to sponsor you again. It can also lead to a long-term business partnership.

Here are a few things you can do to make sponsors love you.

1. Engage with posts fans make about your sponsor.

Companies pay for sponsored videos so that their products and services will be advertised to your audience. Their main objective is to convince your viewers to buy whatever it is they’re selling. They want your sponsored video to generate as many sales as possible.

Your fans, on the other hand, trust your product recommendations, including ones that are sponsored. They may ask you questions regarding your sponsorships or send you pictures of sponsored products they’ve purchased.

Bridge the gap between your sponsors and your audience by engaging with posts fans make about your sponsor. Share your experiences in replies to tweets and video comments. If you can, suggest which product might work best for them.

Mykie from Glam&Gore was recently sponsored by Native Deodorant. When a fan posted about buying the product after watching her video, Mykie replied with excitement on the fan’s behalf.

2. Be specific about the products you’re loving.

In order to make your sponsored content stand out to brands, you should offer them more than just a general, “Thanks to today’s sponsor!”. While showing your appreciation is always a good thing to do, a single off-hand comment won’t be enough to generate a lot of sales.

Instead, you should be as specific as possible about why you love the sponsor you’re working with. Show fans the products you’re loving and how you’re using them. Make sure your followers know exactly how to get those products for themselves.

Reality star Sammie Cimarelli does a lot of work with online clothing retailer SHEIN. In Instagram posts like this one, she not only shows her followers exactly which products she’s loving, but she also gives the product codes they’ll need to find these items for themselves.

3. Follow all government guidelines for disclosing sponsorships.

Over the past few years, several prominent influencers have landed themselves in hot water by not disclosing their sponsorships. Such missteps have resulted in letters from government agencies and distrust from their fans. A controversy like this can make brands wary about working with an influencer in the future.

Therefore, whenever you make a sponsored post, you need to make sure you’re properly disclosing the fact that it was sponsored in accordance with your local government guidelines. As a general rule of thumb, you should disclose your sponsorship in the first line of a caption or within the intro of a video.

You can find a lot of detailed information about how to properly disclose sponsorships on YouTube. Start with this guide from one of YouTube’s official channels, Creator Insider.

In order to make sponsors love you, you should be specific about products you love and engage with fans who post about the brand. You should also carefully disclose your sponsorships so brands know working with you won’t put them at risk.

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