A Complete Guide To Smart Replies

As an avid social media user, you’re most likely familiar with the rush of joy that comes when one of your favorite people replies to you online. For fans, this feeling is multiplied exponentially. A reply from you can make a fan’s entire day.

The comments section under your YouTube videos is one of the best places to connect with your fans. The new Smart Replies feature makes it even easier.

The feature is similar to Smart Replies in Gmail.

If you use your Gmail account, then you may already be familiar with Smart Replies. Whenever you open an email and click reply, Gmail offers a few prewritten suggestions based on the content of the message. You can click on one to send a quick reply.

YouTube Smart Replies function in a similar fashion. Whenever you click on the reply button under a comment, YouTube will suggest a few prewritten replies. You can click on one to select it.

You can still personalize Smart Replies.

Smart Replies aren’t meant to replace a genuine connection with your fans. Rather, they’re merely suggested as a starting point. Selecting a Smart Reply does not post it automatically, so you don’t need to worry about every reply being the same.

Once you click on a Smart Reply, you’ll be given the option to personalize it. You can address the commenter by name, add hashtags, etc. to make your reply more specific and individual. Using Smart Replies, you can reply to more comments in less time because most the reply is written for you.

Smart Replies are only accessible via Desktop.

If you plan to utilize Smart Replies, then make sure you’re using a laptop or desktop computer rather than your phone. The feature is currently only available in Desktop mode. So, if you’re using Mobile, then you won’t be able to use Smart Replies.

Once you’re on a desktop, you can access Smart Replies in your YouTube Studio. You can find it in the “Channel comments” section by clicking “comments” on the left side bar. Set your filter to “comments I haven’t responded to,” and get to replying!

The feature is currently only available in English.

Because Smart Replies just came out of beta, the feature is still being developed and expanded. So, currently, the only language the feature is available in is English. Even if the comment you select is in another language, the suggested Smart Replies will be in English.

If you get a lot of comments in other languages, then you can still respond to them quickly by liking as many comments as you can. You might also copy and paste the comments into Google Translate to find out what they say then reply with emojis.

Smart replies make it easier than ever to respond to comments from viewers. Utilize this new feature to increase audience engagment and make your fans’ day.

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