How This Cover Got Half A Million Views In 2 Days

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale has been reigniting her career by creating content for her own YouTube channel. Ashley’s most popular videos by far are her “Music Sessions,” which often feature a special celebrity guest.

Her latest music session with Glee‘s Lea Michele got more than half a million views the day after it was uploaded. Here’s why.

1. Ashley worked with a much-requested collaboration partner.

Ashley introduced her video by acknowledging the fact that Lea was the most requested guest for her next Music Session. By working with the person that her fans most wanted to hear her sing with, Ashley knew she’d create a hit.

2. They reimagined the song they covered.

Though Calum Scott’s original “Dancing On My Own” is a slow, acoustic ballad, Ashley and Lea swapped out his piano for an acoustic guitar. The change of pace, mixed with the duet of female voices, makes their cover sound like a beautiful original.

3. Ashley promotes her videos on Instagram with an original hashtag.

Ashley posts a new video every other Tuesday. To make sure that her followers don’t forget, she promotes each new release with #TizzieTuesday on Instagram. She encourages her viewers to use the hashtag in their own Instagram posts as well.

Ashley Tisdale created a cover video that got trending by working with a much-requested collaborator to reimagine a song they both loved. Follow these tips to create your own great cover video.

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