How This Country Duo Hit Mainstream Radio

Generally, country music is enjoyed by very specific people from a very specific area. However, some country acts, such as Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, were able to launch their careers onto mainstream radio.

Country duo Florida Georgia line took over the airwaves with their hit song “Cruise.” Here’s how they did it.

1. They diverted their sound from traditional country music.

The two members of Florida Georgia Line have heard their music described as “bro country.” Rather than singing about broken hearts and backroads the way most male country artists do, these two set themselves apart with lyrics that could easily fit any pop singer.

The duo’s sound also borrows a lot from pop and hip-hop.

2. They collaborated with artists outside of their own genre.

After the immense success of “Cruise,” Florida Georgia Line released a remix of the song featuring rapper Nelly. This collaboration brought the band even more attention, and they even did a few live performances with Nelly.

3. They kept collaborating.

Florida Georgia Line’s most recent album features collaborations with Ziggy Marley, Tim McGraw, and even the Backstreet Boys. By continuing to work with other artists, country or not, Florida Georgia Line continues to reach new listeners who may not have encountered their music otherwise.

Florida Georgia Line crossed over from country to mainstream radio by combining elements of both. By working with artists outside of the country genre, they continue to cement their place on popular radio.

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