How Joe Jonas Started A Successful Band

For many musicians, playing with a popular band would be a dream come true. For some, that dream comes true more than once. Singer Joe Jonas fronted both the Jonas Brothers and, now, DNCE.

Here’s how Joe Jonas started a successful band.

1. He started by working with musicians he’d played with before.

When Joe was still performing with his brothers future DNCE members JinJoo Lee and Jack Lawless often toured with them. After the Jonas Brothers called it quits, Joe and Jack decided to start a band of their own.

DNCE gave a surprise performance on Nick Jonas’s tour with Demi Lovato.

2. They chose a band name that made their group stick out in a crowd.

Unlike the Jonas Brothers, the meaning behind DNCE’s name isn’t so obvious. After writing song called “DNCE” for their debut album, the group decided that it suited the four of them as a group. Thus, DNCE was born.

3. The band released a self-titled album.

To further cement their place in the music industry, DNCE followed up their debut four-track release with a self-titled album. By doing so, they made sure that listeners would know exactly who they were.

This is the song that first launched DNCE to fame.

Joe Jonas learned a lot about being in a band when he played with his brothers. Now, he’s forging a successful career for a whole new group of musicians.

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