How Kesha Is Promoting Her New Album

Just a few years ago, it seemed like Kesha was at the top of her music game. However, complications with a producer left her locked in a contract that she couldn’t get out of. Thankfully, Kesha is now free of that horrific contract, and she’s finally able to create the kind of music that she’s always wanted to share with the world.

Here’s how Kesha is promoting her new album.

1. She released a new single unlike any of her previous music.

Kesha made her name off of party-ready club hits. However, her new single “Praying” took her sound in a completely new direction. Her first new single since 2012 is an emotional piano ballad.

She released the music video soon after premiering the song.

2. She coupled the album announcement with the single’s release.

When “Praying” released, Kesha also announced that her new album Rainbow would be coming out in August. Because this is her first solo release since her 2013 EP, Kesha’s longtime fans and those who followed her recent struggles were ecstatic to hear that she was finally able to release new music.

In 2016, she released a collaboration single with Zedd.

3. She also shared the story behind her new song.

When “Praying” was dropped, Kesha also shared the story behind the song in a personal essay. The essay was published in Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter. Kesha’s essay makes the song even more meaningful to fans.

Kesha is promoting her new album by sharing the story behind it. “Praying” is setting her up for a whole new level of success.

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