How This Country Artist Grew His Popularity With YouTube

The country music scene doesn’t always have to be traditional. Dylan Schneider is blasting past these stereotypes and forging a new ideal of country singers.

There are a few ways that Dylan Schneider has shown that social media opens up new opportunities for young singers.

1. He uploads covers on YouTube.

Dylan Schneider got his start by uploading videos on YouTube. Dylan discovered that he had a real connection to music when he was younger. He sang for his church, local talent shows, and other events. People could really see his talent and recommended that he start uploading his music to YouTube. Two years ago, he did just that.

Here is one of Dylan’s earliest uploads to YouTube.

2. He knows that keeping up with subscribers and fans is important.

Even though his earliest videos only have a few thousand views, Dylan kept uploading his videos. Many of the comments on his videos were quite positive. They follow his voice and his talent. Dylan uses many venues to keep up with his fans, including Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, as well as YouTube.

Here is a video of Dylan showing love to his fans.

3. He writes relatable material for everyone.

Dylan has found that his original music is quite relatable to everyone. The lyrics range from relationships to misconceptions about life. His covers of other songs are also poignant for everyone as well. Dylan has a personality that shows through in his music, and it helps bring emotion to the forefront.

Here is one of his original songs, which deals with relationships and how misconceptions can really hurt.

Any musician can find his niche, and Dylan has brought new life to the country stage. By emulating Dylan and his ways, newer YouTubers can make a real jump into the music industry. Dylan has released some original music, and his popularity is climbing. By continuing with a love of music and not giving up, like Dylan, you can have success if you keeps at it!

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