How This Composer Uses YouTube To Bring Together International Musicians

Eric Whitacre has been composing music for years. He began his love of music in Nevada and has been working in many different venues of music, including marching band, choir, and composing music at Juilliard.

Eric Whitacre has shown how music unites people from many countries all over the world, and he has spoken at the U.N. and other venues throughout the world. He has used YouTube for springboarding his cause. There are a few things he has used to help increase his popularity and his cause.

1. He pushes music and composing beyond the conventional.

Eric Whitacre prides himself on moving past the “norms” of the music industry. He creates compositions that unite the different genres and people from around the world.

Eric composes most of his work for choirs. He has worked with people from many cultures, and this work has inspired him.

Here is a video about Eric Whitacre’s passion for choral work.

2. He works with other artists or personalities.

Eric Whitacre has come together with other artists to work on different assignments. Collaboration is a common thing with many artists. Eric has worked with the Abbey Road Studio, which houses one of the largest recording studios used for movie soundtracks and artists who wish to use larger orchestras or choirs in their work.

Eric Whitacre has even worked with flash mobs who came together to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” in Washington D.C. and a flash mob choir who took over the San Antonio Convention Center singing “Sleep,” which he composed.

Here is the video showcasing the performance of “Sleep.”

3. Virtual Choirs are now a thing, and you can join in!

Eric Whitacre has created the whole idea of a Virtual Choir. He was inspired when someone recorded a cover of one of his pieces. He then asked his followers to upload themselves singing along to a song he had written.

Eric was so impressed that he has done it numerous times, each with larger groups across the world! His work with music and how it brings cultures together really has inspired people from across the world.

Here is the result of his Virtual Choir.

4. He shows the world his love of music.

Sharing his love of music has really inspired others to join in his work. Eric Whitacre has spoken at the U.N. about his passions and how music brings cultures together. TED Talks invited Eric Whitacre to be a part of their lecture videos on YouTube. He created the real-time version of his Virtual Choir and explained his real passion behind his music.

A great YouTube artist will show his personality by showing the world his passion. Eric Whitacre does this.

Here is the TED Talk that Eric Whitacre spoke at.

Being a good YouTube artist is not about how many videos you can upload and not wholly about talent. Passion is one of the strongest motivators when it comes to videos. Eric Whitacre has a passion for music and choirs. The question is this: what passion do you want to share with the world?

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