How This Video Reached Over 2 Million Views In Less Than A Week

Nathaniel “Coyote” Pearson is a nature specialist who has been exploring the wilderness on his YouTube channel Brave Wilderness since September of 2014. On February 24, Coyote and his team released a video titled “PUKE Fruit Challenge! Gross!” and within the week, the video had more than two million views.

Here’s how they did it.

1. They draw out the “PUKE” factor.

Rather than simply have the challenge at the beginning of the video, Coyote and his team draw out the video for several minutes, and they only have him finally consume the infamous noni fruit at about the halfway point.

As they draw it out, they also play up the “PUKE” factor, with Coyote describing the fruit as, “milk that has been sitting in the sun for several days” and was poured into an old boot with dog poop. This gets the viewer to be more engaged with the video, and it encourages them to share the grossness with their friends.

2. They make it a competition.

While the video itself is drawn out, Coyote is dared to do it at the very beginning, immediately making the video a competition between Coyote and the PUKE fruit. Viewers pay close attention as he explains just how gross the fruit really is, and they spend several minutes wondering who will prevail: Coyote or the fruit.

By making it a challenge, Brave Wilderness appeals to the competitive nature in everyone, and it entices people to watch the whole video.

3. They add the channel to their larger series.

One of the most consistent parts of Brave Wilderness is their “On Location” videos, in which they focus on a particular place or country and inform viewers with cool facts about the location. This video is no different, as it is featured as an “On Location: Costa Rica” video.

By doing this, Coyote and his team get the views of subscribers who are already keeping a lookout for the “On Location” videos, in addition to those of people who may be new to the channel.

A little competition and detailed description can often go a long way. Incorporate these tips into your next video, and watch your view count jump by the millions.

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Kelsey Leaman is a senior at American University in Washington D.C. studying Economics and International Studies. She is passionate about writing, Lemonade, and Michelle Obama.

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