How This Company Used YouTube To Boost Its Brand

Chefsteps specializes in high tech, scientific cooking methods. The company’s impressive editing and incredible-looking dishes have gotten it a decent amount of attention, which has exposed its online cooking course and products to a wide audience.

Here’s how Chefsteps used YouTube to boost its brand.

1. Its videos are unique.

The cooking world of YouTube is huge and has a ton of variety. Chefsteps offers a special glimpse into the scientifically advanced kitchens of the modern era. While most videos focus on things your average at-home chef could accomplish, Chefsteps takes it a step further.

More than that, the videos promote the company’s own in-depth lessons that show the science behind its techniques. This blend of science and cooking is unique and sets the videos apart from the competition.

As a contrast, here is one of the most popular YouTube chefs.

2. The videos focus on recipes that require the company’s products.

Sous vide, or the art of liquid immersion cooking, requires expensive equipment. Chefsteps swears by sous vide and indeed has a product that helps at-home chefs achieve the same effect.

By boosting recipes that require sous vide and talking about the advantage of the technique, the company creates a need for its product.

3. At its core, Chefsteps makes amazing food.

The channel shows advanced techniques in a light that make them doable for the semi-experienced at-home chef. The food the video chefs make is amazing, and they really do show all the steps it takes to emulate their dishes.

It may require advanced equipment and experience in the kitchen, but this company makes culinary art possible.

Chefsteps took an existing concept and used it to boost its brand. This technique is easily repeatable for any business. All it takes is a little research into the existing YouTube community specific to the craft and a little smart advertising.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s saving up for a sous vide set up.

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