How Daft Punk’s Music Video Broke 120 Million Views

Many major artists use YouTube to hit major milestones with their latest music videos. Artists who were popular even decades before YouTube was created have been utilizing this platform to upload and promote their content. One such musical group is Daft Punk, which has been a popular electro genre band for a while now.

Their music is evolving with the ages, and these are the reasons why Daft Punk’s music video for “One More Time” earned over 120 million views on YouTube.

1. Daft Punk’s music style is catchy and appealing to a wide audience.

Daft Punk is a well-known band in the electro-funk genre. Their music has become very popular with people across the world, and they are recognized for it.

Daft Punk’s musical style is different than other artists, as they have popularized electro music specifically coming from France. Their music utilizes funky beats and is easy to listen to.

Below is an example of their musical style.

2. Their unique image sets them apart.

Daft Punk has become iconic due to their image because they usually appear in public or videos wearing robot helmets, which has become their trademark. Their eye-catching appearance as a band has caught the attention of major projects. Their music has been featured everywhere from commercials to the entire soundtrack for Tron: Legacy.

Below is an example of their image in a commercial they were featured in for Vogue.

3. Daft Punk’s music videos are very creative and artistic.

Listeners never know quite what to expect when it comes to this duo. Whenever Daft Punk releases a music video, it always will be visually attractive to viewers.

Their music videos are very creative and artistic. Each new video may be a recorded music video, which is traditional, or a visually constructed one, such as one utilizing animation.

Below is an example with the music video for “One More Time.”

Above are the reasons why Daft Punk’s music video for “One More Time” received more than 120 million views on YouTube. Their electro style music is appealing to listeners, and their image is well-known across the globe. Their music videos are entertaining and visually appealing to viewers.

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