How This Company Got 8 Million Subscribers

Lately, many media brands and companies have been focusing their efforts to market themselves to a larger audience. YouTube has become a platform for them to gain a significant viewer base. One company that has been utilizing YouTube successfully is IGN.

IGN is a tech and video game informing brand that has been around for quite some time now. Below are the reasons why IGN has earned over eight million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

1. IGN’s content is diverse and creative.

IGN usually covers topics in media concerning video games and popular series. They produce a wide variety of videos, whether it’s to give news about particular upcoming games in the video game industry or to give an analysis on a particular character from a comic book. IGN also creates podcasts and Let’s Play videos, which are especially entertaining to viewers.

Below is an example of their content.

2. IGN is a well-established brand.

IGN, unlike other channels, was already a well-established media organization. It began with a website, which is still very popular, and people got accustomed to it. With the launch of their YouTube channel, they managed to expand upon their website and brand name.

Below is one of IGN’s videos, which was a popular topic on their website.

3. Their variety of hosts and staff makes their channel interesting.

What makes their videos entertaining is the hosts who introduce the topics to the viewers. They have a wide variety of people working on the channel, whether it is in the Let’s Play videos or by conducting interviews.

Below is an example of this.

These are the reasons why IGN has earned over eight million subscribers on their YouTube channel. Their wide variety of content and their household name as an internet media organization have made them quite popular. The wide variety of hosts featured on their channel also makes their videos entertaining.

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