How This Channel’s Latest Video Got To #1 On Trending

The popular channel CinemaSins is no stranger to YouTube’s trending page. Its last video, “Everything Wrong With The Boss Baby In 15 Minutes Or Less,” hit the top of the chart within a few hours of being uploaded.

Here’s how CinemaSins’ latest video got to #1 on YouTube’s trending page.

1. It’s part of a popular video series.

CinemaSins makes a lot of videos explaining what’s wrong with popular movies. Many viewers check back often for the latest installment. CinemaSins even has a sister channel that pulls the same kind of stunt with music videos.

2. Lots of viewers relate to a dry, sarcastic sense of humor.

The mind behind CinemaSins has a very sharp, sarcastic sense of humor. Many viewers relate more to this dry style of comedy than they do to the silly, slapstick comedy of, for example, prank channels. A shared sense of humor often creates a sense of community within an audience as well.

3. Videos that poke fun at pop culture often top the trending page.

More viewers come to YouTube for entertainment than they do for news. That being said, YouTube is also a popular place for whatever’s trending on social media to get its turn in the spotlight. Oftentimes, videos that poke fun at whatever’s hot in pop culture at the moment trend right alongside more serious videos about the subject.

CinemaSins’ latest video hit the top of YouTube’s trending page because of the sarcastic spin it put on something in pop culture. Though the video is all in good fun, up-and-coming YouTubers can learn a lot from its specific style of humor.

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