How Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Broke 4 Major Records

Taylor Swift’s return to the spotlight was heralded by her feisty new anthem “Look What You Made Me Do.” In just twenty-four hours, the music video amassed almost thirty million views, shattering YouTube’s first day views record, which was previously held by Adele’s “Hello.”

Taylor’s new song also broke the records for most viewed lyric video and most Spotify streams for a song in its first day. The music video was her biggest YouTube debut to date. It’s also on track to becoming the biggest-selling song in its debut week.

Here’s how Taylor Swift’s new music video shattered so many major records.

1. She pulled a major social media stunt to promote her announcement.

Two weeks before announcing her upcoming album, Taylor completely took down everything from her social media. She returned a week later with a mysterious GIF on Instagram. Her posts over the following days revealed a full video of a slithering snake, referencing the cruel label that several celebrities had stuck her with a year before.

Taylor’s vanishing and grand return to social media ultimately brought a lot of attention to her platforms. She had the whole world on edge just waiting for her new music announcement.

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2. She released a lyric video before the official music video.

Though she released the song on iTunes and Spotify, Taylor also debuted “Look What You Made Me Do” with a lyric video. It again played up the snake imagery, and the animations made fans even more excited for the full music video.

Taylor’s lyric video has more views than several major artists’ music videos do.

3. She premiered the music video at a major event.

The “Look What You Made Me Do” music video premiered at the MTV VMAs the Sunday after the song was released. The arena and television audiences were the first to see it, and everyone else was able to watch the video when it was posted to YouTube directly after its premiere.

Premiering her new music video at such a major event brought even more attention to both Taylor’s video and the VMAs.

4. She made a video so intricate the viewers can’t help but watch it again and again.

Taylor’s new video is so intricate that fans still haven’t figured out everything. The video makes dozens of references to the feuds and celebrity drama that she wrote the song about. Her keen attention to detail ensured that viewers would keep watching again and again.

Several fans have even made videos of their own attempting to explain “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Taylor Swift’s new music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” is absolutely shattering major music records. Her return to the spotlight brings all kinds of inspiration for aspiring artists along with it.

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