How This Video Got 300,000+ Views In Two Days

Ricky Dillon is a popular vlogger and social media star. He has more than three million subscribers, and his latest video got more than 300,000 views just two days after it was uploaded.

Here’s how Ricky Dillon’s new video got hundreds of thousands of views in just days.

1. He made it as part of a much-requested video series.

Ricky’s two previous “Reacting To YouTubers I Don’t Watch” videos got more than a million views each. When his viewers told him that they wanted more, Ricky delivered.

2. He used other vloggers’ faces as clickbait.

The thumbnail of Ricky’s video features pictures of popular vloggers such as Jeffree Star and Jacksfilms. Seeing the faces of their favorite YouTubers made many viewers who don’t usually watch Ricky’s videos click play.

3. He followed a very popular video format.

React channels are increasingly popular on YouTube. Many viewers enjoy watching someone else watch something for the first time. It’s like showing a favorite new video to a longtime friend. Still more watch to see the vloggers’ funny reactions.

Ricky Dillon’s latest video got hundreds of thousands of views in just two days because he followed a popular content format that his viewers wanted to see more of. Listening to your current subscribers and what they want is one of the best ways to get more views more quickly.

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