How This Channel Keeps Its 7 Million+ Subscribers Coming Back For More

Over the past 7 years, Grant Thompson, “The King Of Random,” has accumulated more than 7.6 million subscribers. Over that time, the majority of his videos have never seen less than a million views, with some videos hitting over 20 million views.

Here’s how Thompson keeps his subscribers coming back for more.

1. He creates “How To” videos that his audience CAN do at home.

One of the greatest parts about “The King Of Random” is that his random experiments can actually be done at home. By using regular products that one could easily buy at the grocery store, such as Jell-o and corn syrup, but adding a fun twist, such as Lego-shaped candy, Thomas ensures that viewers interested in experimenting will continue to come back to his channel.

Learn how to make the Lego-shaped candy below.

2. He explains why the “How To’s” work the way they do.

Thompson’s videos are especially interesting because of the detailed descriptions he provides on the science behind the video. Science channels have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and by adding in a touch of science to his own videos, Thompson attracts viewers interested in understanding the facts.

Watch one of the more science-based videos below.

3. He’s increased the frequency of his posts.

While it may work for some channels to share videos on a weekly or even monthly basis, Thompson has found success by posting at least three videos a week. When he first started, however, Thompson was only posting once a week. This increase in frequency may take more work, but it also gives his audience a reason to subscribe and continuing to come back, knowing there would be another video in a matter of days.

Check out one of Thompson’s most recent videos below.

Keeping a channel active is one thing, but ensuring subscribers keep coming back is quite another. Thompson has worked hard to come up with new content that his viewers can successfully do themselves, and his effort has paid off. Follow in his footsteps to boost views on your next video and watch your channel take off.

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