How This Beauty YouTuber Maintains a Consistent Viewership

Laura Lee, known as Laura88lee on YouTube, is a beauty vlogger from Alabama. While she works full-time as a medical assistant, Lee posts high-quality videos in her spare time, giving young women valuable beauty advice on make-up, trending hairstyles, lifestyle hacks, and so on. Currently, Laura Lee has over two million subscribers, and she continues to maintain her loyal fan base.

Here are three reasons why Laura Lee stands out from the other beauty vloggers.

1. She collaborates with other viral beauty vloggers.

One way to increase your views is to bring in someone with a whole other fan base. Laura Lee frequently invites well-known make-up artists to share and trade new techniques. Lee lets her vlog guests do her makeup as she provides a step-by-step guide to perfect the look. Collaborating with another make-up artist not only increases her exposure, but it also introduces her to a more diverse range of viewers.

Lee’s videos are very informative, and they’re not rushed. Subscribers find the artist’s looks easy to mimic.

2. She provides reviews on affordable products.

Let’s be honest. Not all viewers can afford high-end make-up products. Shopping at Sephora can get expensive, and if there are cheaper make-up of the same quality out there, why not?

Laura Lee acknowledges a lot of her subscribers are either students or people under tight budgets. She makes sure her beauty looks are always made up of affordable and efficient products. Lee is a big fan of drugstore products, and she pays attention to often underrated brands as well.

Here is one of Laura Lee’s videos, “BEST MAKEUP UNDER $5.”

3. She spices it up with different kinds of videos every once in awhile.

Laura Lee doesn’t like to take things too seriously. Every once in awhile, she participates in beauty challenges on her channel. Her easy-going attitude and her great sense of humor keep her devoted subscribers coming for more. Lee often participates in beauty challenges with her husband. Some of their videos together include “I Do My Husband’s Makeup,” “The Husband Tag,” and “My Husband Does My Makeup.”

Here is an example of their videos together.

Apart from her YouTube Channel, Laura Lee increases her followers through other social media platforms. Visit her blog to get updates, and you can follower her Instagram account @larlarlee

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