How This Channel Keeps Its 7.5 Million Subscribers Coming Back For More

Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger has been quite literally “unboxing” technology since late 2010, and the channel recently broke 7.5 million subscribers. With the majority of videos getting at least 100,000 views, and some getting as many as 69 million views, it’s clear that the subscribers continue to come back for more.

Here’s how he does it.

1. He films all his videos in a single take.

Lewis Hilsenteger, the creator of Unbox Therapy, prides himself on filming the videos in one take, as opposed to cutting and assembling multiple takes into one. While he uses multiple camera angles, all of it is done in one fell swoop. In the past, he has said that by doing it all at once, he ensures that the viewers get the whole “unboxing” experience, from start to finish.

Watch his most popular video featuring the bending iPhone here.

2. He features mysterious objects.

One of the most common themes on Unbox Therapy is the opening of mysterious boxes. In multiple videos, Lewis features a box where not only do the fans not know what is inside, but Lewis claims he has no idea either. This element of the videos makes it more entertaining for fans to tune in, as they never know what they might get.

Check out a 100-pound mystery box here.

3. He uses catchy titles.

Just as much of his content features a mysterious object, Lewis uses titles that leave the audience wanting more, such as “Have I Found The Ultimate Wallet?” or “This Cup Is Unspillable – What Magic Is This?”

By focusing on featuring mysterious objects and using catchy titles, Lewis has not only managed to keep his subscribers coming back but also to draw in new viewers. Incorporate these three tips in your channel to create an informative but fun experience for your viewers, and watch your channel go viral.

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