How The Chainsmokers’ New Song Broke Billboard’s Top 5

“Something Just Like This” has been the latest hit for The Chainsmokers, with the song recently jumping from 56 to 5 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 List, all in under a week.

Here’s why it’s been such a success.

1. They collaborated with Coldplay.

Some of The Chainsmokers’ hottest hits have featured other artists, from Halsey to Daya to ROZES. By being open to collaboration, The Chainsmokers have established themselves as serious artists, while also gaining part of the following from each of their collaborators.

In addition to gaining a larger following, collaborations can be a great way to break out of an artistic rut, as it forces you to try music outside of your comfort zone. The collaboration with Coldplay has been no exception.

Check out the music video for “Roses” featuring ROZES here.

2. They released a fun and creative lyric video.

Lyric videos have become incredibly popular, and with so many artists doing it, there is a greater pressure to think out of the box in presenting your lyrics. The video for “Something Just Like This” does not disappoint.

With its creative doodles of the little superboy flying over the planets and the animation of the lyrics themselves, the video gives fans something more exciting to watch and encourages them to share with friends once they’re done.

Watch the whole lyric video here.

3. They stuck with a beat that has worked for them.

As one gets to the chorus of the song, the music starts to sound strangely familiar to those who have followed The Chainsmokers throughout their career. Several listeners have pointed out that the beat is nearly identical to the beat in “Roses,” creating a bit of a controversy regarding whether or not this should be acceptable. Loyal fans have said that they’re just following what has been most successful for them, while others said they’re getting lazy.

Regardless of what side is correct, the controversy alone has gotten people to talk and has led to a large bump in listeners.

Check out a parody of the controversy below.

Making a big leap on the Billboard’s Hot 100 is no small feat, but with a bit of collaboration, creativity, and even a bit of controversy, “Something Just Like This” seems to have made the jump with ease. Follow in The Chainsmokers’ footsteps to get the full benefit of new opportunities and kickstart your own music career.

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