How This Duo Catapulted Themselves Into The Music Industry With YouTube

Marnie and Patrick discovered their love of music when they were attending a music festival. They got married in 2012 and mostly worked separately as musicians, performing at different venues.

On a whim, they started uploading videos to YouTube. Their channel, Brooklyn Duo, received a spike in views, including Shakira, who promoted it to her followers after they uploaded their first two covers!

They attribute this success to a few things.

1. Their constant collaboration attracts viewers.

One thing many followers notice is Marnie and Patrick are very devoted to each other. Their arrangements are incredibly done, and one can’t help but notice their little glances at each other while playing. Their videos are simple, and the music definitely resonates with those who have viewed their videos.

They have over 300,000 subscribers with millions of views on their videos. Being genuine in videos is very important. If you are bored, then your viewers will be as well. Brooklyn Duo really care about their music.

Here is the video that catapulted them into the spotlight.

2. Simple videos aren’t always a bad thing.

Brooklyn Duo has very simple backgrounds to their videos. This works for their videos because it is all about focus. They want people to focus on the music and not on their video skills. Music is their life, and they want to share it with everyone by creating their covers.

Here is a video of their cover of The Beatles.

3. Upload videos on a consistent basis.

One of the important things about uploading to a channel on YouTube is the consistency of uploading videos. Brooklyn Duo uploads videos at a fairly regular rate. With their simple backgrounds on their videos, they don’t need to have someone edit their videos, and they can create and post quickly.

They get help from their viewers on which covers they should do next. Their popularity is based on their talent and the range of music covered in the videos.

Here is a cover of Fall Out Boy’s music

Brooklyn Duo share their love of music with the world and by using these steps have become YouTube stars. Sharing one’s talent is easy on YouTube if one knows how to follow simple steps.

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