How This Channel Hooks Viewers With Its Many Series

Cinefix is a movie reviewing and film analysis channel on YouTube. Their rapid growth is due to a combination of strategies, such as covering relevant films and making their thumbnails pop. Possibly their best strategy, however, is their focus on several concrete themes.

Here is how Cinefix uses diverse series to get subscribers.

1. They work as a team.

Each series has its host, and sometimes they rotate, but the most important thing is that everyone is always working on something. They call upon one another for help for each video, and they often express this by having more than one person on the voice over.

Having a few people working on the same channel is great, and it’s pretty common on YouTube. The biggest stars have their staff, such as Rhett & Link or Philip DeFranco, but Cinefix sets up their crew differently. Rather than having one person as the face of the channel, they all split up the labor and share the spotlight.

2. Their variety of themes leads to tons of content.

Cinefix has over 2,500 videos. Even if each video only had a couple thousand hits, that’s a ton of revenue. Seeing as most of their videos have closer to a 300,000, sometimes even millions, it’s easy to see that they are basically a fully fledged production company.

It’s hard to release that much content, but by workshopping tons of different ideas and themes that can be repeated for different films, they are able to churn out that much more.

3. They focus on their successes.

With 46 different playlists of original content, Cinefix has created their own data pool. They can just add up all the view counts on each playlist and say “hey, this one is getting tons of views, let’s keep producing this type of video.”

Their most popular series, which compares movie adaptations to the original book, has 39 videos. Their movie list videos, just ranking movies, has 76 videos. Their flops, such as their animated series from the early days, have six or seven videos. They definitely look back at what is going well and capitalize on it.

Cinefix works together and uses data to stay ahead of the curve. The best part of all this is they have organized their channel into smaller shows and themes that make it easier for them to create tons of quality content.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s being really picky about the movies he watches.

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