How This Artist Used YouTube To Get On The Path To Fame

YouTube has become a medium for many musicians to try and attract followers to their music. Artists have been uploading and producing songs with their own styles in order to distinguish themselves as musicians.

One music artist is J.Cole, who has become quite popular in the past decade in rap music. Below are the reasons why J.Cole has earned over one million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

1. J.Cole’s musical style defines his brand and image.

J.Cole is known for producing music that’s easy to listen to. He produces songs that are grounded in reality and. in particular, to his own experiences. His music utilizes beats that give each song a particular flow, and his lyrics accompany and give a meaning to the music. His music is chilled and is something people can relate to.

Below is an example of his musical style.

2. The messages behind his lyrics showcase his inner creativity.

J.Cole’s messages in his songs usually relate to what he is thinking of at the time. The meanings behind his lyrics usually relate to his own experiences and social issues. This is appealing to viewers because his music feels authentic to them.

Below is an example of this with a song that featured a video recording of his home.

3. J.Cole’s music videos are interesting and appealing to fans.

J.Cole’s music videos are entertaining to viewers because they relate to his musical style and message. The videos give each song a mood or vibe, and, like his music, each is grounded in his own creativity. Below is an example of this.

Above are the reasons why J.Cole has earned over one million subscribers on YouTube. His musical style is distinctive, and his music always carries a message of some sorts. J.Cole’s music videos show his creative side as well. which is appreciated by fans.

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