How This Channel Earned Over One Million Subscribers

All YouTube videos aim to teach viewers something they may not have known before. The School of Life is a YouTube channel dedicated to emotional education. In a little more six years, The School of Life’s animated videos have helped viewers grappling with a variety of questions. One million views later, the School of Life sticks to its original goal of helping people.

Here’s what aspiring content creators can learn from the channel.

1. Create diverse content.

Although it is good for a YouTube channel to have a focus, covering as much ground as possible is a great way to create more opportunities to connect with different viewers.

The School of Life presents a series of videos on topics ranging from literature, love, and politics.

2. Have an “about” video.

Videos describing a channel will welcome potential viewers. It is important to have a short, concise video that encapsulates what your channel is about. This video is the moment when the viewer makes a decision about investing his or her time to watch more.

The School of Life’s introductory video is among the channel’s most watched videos.

3. Stand by the philosophy you started with.

Viewers want to connect a greater meaning to videos they are watching. Presenting viewers with a new outlook on a variety of subjects can often be enlightening.

This will also help you reevaluate the quality of the content you’re releasing.

The School of Life is an impressive channel because it ties together a variety of topics into one package that viewers enjoy experiencing. Content creators should make viewers feel comfortable visiting their site. Be welcoming and have something important to say, then the followers will come.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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